Personal Injury Lawyers Dallas » Damages Expert – Counselor or Psychologist

//Personal Injury Lawyers Dallas » Damages Expert – Counselor or Psychologist

Personal Injury Lawyers Dallas » Damages Expert – Counselor or Psychologist

Personal Injury Lawyers » Damages Expert – Counselor or Psychologist

An Explanation of How a Counselor or Psychologist Can Help Demonstrate the Value of Your Pain & Suffering

In our many discussions on the topic of proving up damages in relation to Texas 18-wheeler accidents in Dallas, one of the most consistent topics we bring up is how there are almost always certain intangible losses involved in a wreck. Whereas someone such as an economist has to delve only occasionally into the qualitative harms, counselors and psychologists constantly deal with, diagnose, and solve mental health issues. Their job is certainly difficult, but for the sake of your trucking accident lawsuit, they could make all of the difference.truck accident attorneys

We at Our Law Office would like to go over a few significant issues regarding counselors and psychologists. We will first explain in detail the subject material they handle, followed by an elaboration on how a psychological perspective could be a major boon to your lawsuit. Emotional pain and suffering might not be easily dealt with, but at least we can explain its significance in your pursuit of justice.

What Expert Witnesses Do for a Case

An expert witness is any highly qualified professional in a particular field who is prepared to evaluate your unique circumstances, as well as testify on your behalf so that a jury may better understand said circumstances. A damages-specific expert witness is a professional who testifies for the purposes of explaining to a jury where the value associated with your losses stems from. For example, an occupational rehabilitation expert can explain to a jury the costs associated with an injured person having to begin a new career path, since an injury keeps this person from earning a living the way that he or she used to.

The purpose of a psychologist or therapist acting as an expert witness, testifying on your behalf, is to help a jury understand the full extent of your pain and suffering claim.

Pain and Suffering: Understanding Intangible Damages

Of all the troubles resultant from a Texas-area trucking accident, pain and suffering can be among the most harmful. They can also be the most costly, which is why our legal system allows you to seek compensation for these damages: financial losses caused by the negligence of another. Granted, the scars, burns, and disabilities of an accident are obviously enormous injuries but know that damages, in a legal sense, do not have to only be related to physical injuries.

Yet, one of the most sizable obstacles for a litigator to overcome is arguing purely inner costs; that is, the emotional tolls an accident victim will have to pay for the rest of his or her life. It’s one thing for a trucking company to pay for your doctor’s visits and medication, but what about the worse quality of life itself? What about the mother who lost a young child due to a truck rear-ending her van, or of the husband whose wife is now in a coma? Both are deprived of a unique love that they’ll never enjoy again, which is why they are worth damages in a court of law.

Luckily, our civil system offers hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. Our common law and statutes reflect a commitment to giving accident victims recourse, even if they must meet a burden of proof prior to obtaining any actual compensation. This is where we and your mental health expert come in: Our Law Office will make the legal points to secure damages for your intangible losses, and a relevant counselor or psychologist can back up these points. In the next section, we’ll address just how they do that.truck accident lawyers

How a Counselor or Psychologist Helps Your Texas 18-Wheeler Trucking Accident Lawsuit

There is a wide variety of reasons why a psychologist or psychological counselor is helpful to a Texas 18-wheeler accident claim. The first major advantage among them is that the professional can make clear what real harm is done as a result of pain and suffering. With the assistance of a counselor or psychologist testifying or writing a report to contextualize how an accident-related condition can impact someone daily, you can help a jury’s members understand your experience, and arrive at their own conclusions. For example, a psychologist could take the stand to explain, in his or her own words, how the death of a relative in a wreck on I-45 is causing the plaintiff to suffer depression, which in turn leads to the plaintiff being incapable of doing even basically productive activities.
However reasonable they may be, our arguments will probably be perceived by the jury as somewhat biased: we do want you to win, after all, and there is a certain degree of suspicion associated with hearing even good points from partisan representatives. With any assistance of a psychologist, though, the perceptions could change: our points about irreparable mental and emotional harm ring truer than ever before when a psychologist reaffirms or elaborates on them. A professional witness can almost always make a difference, but this is particularly true in a challenging area such as psychology.

Our Law Office is Prepared to Help You Recover

A key component of your strategy going into such recourse is the expertise of a mental health professional, and with his or her testimony, your claim has a boost that may put your argument over the top with the jury, making them realize just how much this incident has made you suffer.

If you would like to know more, then feel free to call us at our toll-free number. Anything you say – especially issues regarding mental health – will be kept private. More information on this website @

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