Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents

//Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents

Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents

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Personal Injury Law – Car Accidents

Anyone who has dealt with “minimum coverage insurance carriers” understands that only a few pay better (and quicker) than others. Many, however, are less than responsive with claimants (not to mention their customers in general, even if they still take in those monthly premiums like clockwork). In almost any fatal auto wreck where an insurance company is involved and with so much money at stake, you’re sure to encounter aggressive insurance company adjusters, accident recreation specialists, defense attorneys, and investigators. All are working to see that you lose your case, should you choose to sue that driver’s insurance company to collect your rightful damages.More about our Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio here

Sometimes, a driver who has been involved in a wreck will take steps to hide his assets to make you think he or she is insolvent if your requested damages exceed the amount of their insurance coverage.
Or he might try to hide the fact that he is insured altogether because he fears that his carrier will drop his coverage if another car wreck is on his record.More on this website
Regardless of the reasons behind this defendant’s behavior, the fatal car accident attorneys at our Law Office perform a thorough asset check on every one of the defendants – including the value of their insurance – to find out how much they are worth. If there’s money available, we’ll find it and work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for losing your loved one.

It’s also a good idea to immediately call an experienced auto accident attorney if the driver who caused the accident is less than forthcoming, either at the scene of the wreck or later. Or maybe the other driver doesn’t want to provide his contact or insurance information. Belligerent accident “victims” such as these usually have something to hide, either from the law or their insurance company. This behavior is also a good indicator that he’ll make it difficult to recover the damages you deserve because of his or her negligence in causing the death of your loved one. If the other driver displays this behavior, treat it as a big red flag that you need to talk to a lawyer quickly.

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